Saturday, January 10, 2009

I am in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was finally able to back into my blogger account! Belive me, it was NOT easy to figure out the password I used! Anyways...I guess it is time for update! Well, sadly my Michael Korrs purse broke and I replaced it. Bailey is ALOT bigger now!! And Paul and I have moved to Las Vegas!! I will write more later! But for now I am just glad it worked!

Monday, August 11, 2008

My new stuff!!

Okay, so not to sound too Paris Hilton...but I got two new things this weekend and I am so excited about both of them. The first thing....Paul and I got a new puppy!!! She is a chihuahua/maltese mix. She is ten weeks old and we named her Bailey. Isnt she the cutest thing ever???? She is super smart and very sweet. Alright, the second Paris confession...I got a new Michael Kors purse! Okay, I know, I know...what is so exciting about that??? Well I will tell you. Firstly, I have had my old purse, which I affectionately call the plum (its a big round purple purse) for two years now and to be honest it was looking more like a prune lately. And second, it is pretty much the most beautiful thing I have seen in a while!

Happy Birthday Blog!!!

Okay, so here it is! My first blog and blog entry! Many thanks to my cousin Dayna for her late night ranting and nagging at me to start one! I am not entirely sure my life is interesting enough to blog about, but I suppose its as much for me as everyone else. I kinda think of it as an online journal. Most of the time my journal was filled with thoughts that I never wanted anyone to read...boring teenager I am excited to put in more interesting stuff.